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Why a Multiverse is not necessary to get through a grey Monday Morning

Again this Monday morning. Usually I wake up with a nagging feeling of not enough. I had not enough time for me, my self-care, my work, my friends and family.

Thankfully my morning routine kicks in. I pour my tea, brush my teeth, take a shower and am somehow glad, that I will be in the office on time.

And while watching all the other people making their way through the cold and grey morning, a remarkable thought caught itself in my mind.

This Monday Morning is like no other morning before. It is fresh and new and out there are countless possibilities and realities. If I could just take another turn, walk another way, step into another reality – what a fantastic adventure this would be!

I could make totally different experiences, in different lives, jobs, families! This sounds really exciting, doesn’t it?

But how would it feel? Would this fit to my soul, my purpose, my dharma!? I think just jumping into another life would feel really strange. No past, no experiences – just a real now without any warning. I think it makes pretty much sense, that this is not possible in a lifetime. One’s soul would be just confused and the learning lessons would be mixed up too wildly.

Ok, you think that’s pretty weird? – Well, not at all….the idea of infinite parallel realities exists since the 4th century B.C., first mentioned by Petron of Himerea, a Greek philosopher, as well as in Hindu mythology, Persian literature, later called a Multiverse by famous Erwin Schroedinger, Stephen Hawking and Quantum physics and many more sources, who find it very possible that this reality is not the only one.

Proven or not – I feel I have already lived many different lives. Even in this incarnation.

And sometimes it’s also the things that you don’t follow at all.

When I was 19 years old just after school, I had the offer to start as a concierge in a nice hotel. This could have been the start of a great career in the hotel business and maybe I would be a manager of a 5-Star hotel in a posh place now, traveled the world. But I didn’t want to, because you need to work night shifts in a hotel and of course weekends, holidays etc. That was a clear no for me and many people usually drain energy from me and I need a lot of down and alone time to recover. So following one way and skipping the other option for it might decide which life you are getting out of it.

Now, what if it’s enough to let a very different thought emerge out of this infinite, beautiful universe to change your reality? And what if you follow this very different thought, silence your inner critic for one single moment and let it expand.

What would happen? Would you be ready to take another turn – just right now in this very moment? Would you be ready for the next incredible, amazing, adventurous lesson?!

Like Neil deGrasse Thyson so beautifully said:

we are all connected –

to each other biologically,

to the earth chemically,

to the rest of the universe atomically.

We are IN this universe – and the universe is IN US.

On a grey and boring Monday morning – and every morning in your life – you can turn your life around, take a leap into a new direction and start a new adventure by thinking one very different new thought!

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