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If you are in a hurry, walk slowly

“Right now we are at a tipping point. Mother nature has given us a one millennial chance to turn the wheel around. We are broadcasting 24/7 with our thoughts, our energies. Our consciousness is shaping our world. It’s shaping our minds, our bodies, our lives, our world.”

That’s what I wrote about two weeks ago. This feeling was so intense and important and the energy level was so high! And now, after this first wave, I began to watch people more closely and realized that so many did not care at all. They were just living their lives as if there was no such thing like a deadly, massively spreading virus. They did not keep the distance, just making their own selfish way through their lives as they have been before.

This was highly frustrating for me. Sometimes we say “he or she acts like a child” if somebody behaves some kind of foolish, but that’s not true! I believe, children are so much smarter than those “adults” who don’t want to accept that their behavior is a danger for others and for themselves. But that’s not something new and so acknowledging this sad fact was some kind of disillusioning for me.

So this frustration was my mood when I was drawing the animal card for the new waning cycle. And I was pushing myself for more work and more presence and more sharing, although I was tired and overwhelmed myself. And as you might have seen, it was the divine turtle, who has come to me. She is a big reminder that I have to be in peace with myself, have to go in my own pace and get enough rest, instead of overstretching myself. This was a bold message for me to go slow and not full speed ahead.

I accept that I won’t be a changing factor, by blaming others for their ignorance. I need to do my share and trust the process. I have to be the change I want to see for the world. I am the one who can influence me and others by stepping out of this frustration and sharing anyways.

That does not mean, I will skip my critical mind and be a strong voice for truth and reason – for sure not! But it means that I will chose a different approach and find my peace with my unrealistic ambition that everyone has to instantly get the idea that we all have to level up now. And that it will take more time to steer the wheel around.

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