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Ritual for releasing old energies

This ritual helps me releasing energy which is not helpful for me anymore.

First find a quiet place where you can spend the next 20 minutes or so without being disturbed (and switch off your phone!).

For those of you, who have already some ritual experience, you can light candles and smudge some sage (but mind the open fire of course).

I personally create the space as I feel it is good for me for the moment. Sometimes I like all of that including opening a sacred space with my rattle and sometimes I don't. Just listen inside what feels right for you!

1. Sit comfortably or lie down on the ground. I prefer lying, because the more of the body touches the ground, the easier the energy flows.

2. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now breath naturally and follow the flow of air through your body. With every new breath, imagine you are soaking white light in and let it spread all over, into every cell. Feel the weight of your body on the ground.

3. And now when it feels good for you, repeat the following words (or something similar, whatever fits for you):

"I honor all energies which have served and protected me until this very moment. I thank you for your help and support. But now it's time to release and give back what is not needed anymore. May it go back to the eternal source and be of use for someone else."

4. Now feel the energies flowing through your body into the ground. Sense the weight of your body now.

5. Keep breathing naturally and soak up new energy and light. And whenever it feels right for you, gently open your eyes and come back to the here and now.

Be gentle with yourself until you have arrived in your body and be careful with everything you do until you feel firmly grounded again. You can support this with gently rubbing your body and taking some deep breaths.


"Taking and sending" the Buddhist Practice of Tonglen

Tonglen has helped me in breathing through my own stuckness and pain and sending out relief for everyone including myself. This is literally transforming dark energies into light.


1. Find a quiet place you would maybe also use for a meditation practice. Stay in a state of openness and stillness and follow your natural breath.

2. Close your eyes and imagine you are breathing in darkness, heaviness, pain....whatever this might be for you. Breathe in completely and let it in through every pore.

3. And now imagine you are breathing out light, positive energy and love through all your pores!

Practice this until it aligns with your natural breathing in and out.

4. Now you can focus on your own situation and all the people out there who might be into the same like you.

Feel the universal pain and suffering you share with them. Or you can also focus on someone you want to help and all people out there in the same situation.

If you feel stuck for instance, misunderstood, not right, then breathe it in and breath out everything which is relief for you like positive movement, love, compassion, understanding, acceptance - whatever feels good for you.

5. Now when it feels right for you, stay with the feeling of relief, compassion and love and gently come back to your grounded state and open your eyes.

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