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What are you talking about?! Your inner dialog & the Monkey Mind

Sitting and staring at a flame can be the hardest thing you can imagine, when you want to start a mediation practice. I am sure a lot of you have already at least tried once to silence the stream of thoughts and words in your head.

Once you start watching closer your train of thoughts, noticing all the talk going on in your mind - ALL THE FRICKIN TIME - you will be surprised...

This is what is called the Monkey Mind. Easy to see why: it jumps around like a monkey, sometimes focused, sometimes not. Erratic.

But this is not the whole story. You should start to listen to what your mind keeps repeating unconsciously on and on. Which stories are you telling yourself about who you are, your environment, your life, others? Who is talking? Is this really you or someone else?

Does it make you feel good and nourished or miserable and angry? Which words do you use? What you really believe about yourself - is it because of experiences you have made or people telling you - your inner voice will uncover this sometimes very ugly truth.

Like parrots we learn by imitating others and also repeat what they are telling us about ourselves. And if we are not mindful, these opinions and believes start being our truth, our story. And if you keep on telling this story, it will become your reality.

So being mindful about your inner voice, your inner dialog is important! What you are telling yourself will shine through to the world. If you use words of encouragement, love and compassion for yourself, you will use the same qualities for your outside communication. It will become a positive habit and helps you create a positive and loving energy around you.

The universe will mirror the stories you are telling yourself. And if you tell yourself you are stupid and not good enough, this will be mirrored as well.

Words are very mighty. They are like little boats loaded with energy and meaning.

Remember - your words, your voice is meaningful. Speaking your lightful truth will help shine through the goodness and love in your heart, the world so desperately needs!

It will help healing you and healing others.

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