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Third day of Durga

I spent most of the time at home this week and today I had to go out to buy some fresh food for the next days. While walking I sensed how other people made me really uncomfortable. Some seemed to take care about holding a distance, but others did not and behaved careless like they used to do. And suddenly I had been hit by an enormous wave of grief and pain. Darkness was unfolding in front of me and I could feel how I was starting to panic inside.

And in that moment he emerged. My wolf guru took over the lead and then he was walking just besides me. I could feel his power and calm energy and the panic disappeared instantly.

We both were walking home and I felt safe and guided.

Yes, the veil is very thin right now and if you don’t connect with your good spirits, you might get overwhelmed like me. The magical thing was that I was not calling for him – he was just there, when I needed him most. What a blessing.

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