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The veil is getting thinner…

….and we all stand on the shoulders of our ancestors. Honor them for their bravery and achievements. Without them, we would not be here.

I want to tell you something about my mother’s mother.

Her name is Maria, as so many women have been named after the great divine mother of Christianity.

She was born on February 14th, 1904 as the oldest out of five – two brothers – Karl and Alois and two sisters – Juliana and Margareta. Their parents were poor. They had been granted a piece of land and a home by the Earls. The deal was to make wood for them in order to have a small living. They had a small house for 7 people. Her own belongings were her clothes. She did not posses anything more.

And so she went with her brothers to make some wood for their reigns in the forests.

Her skirts were frozen in the winters. She had one pair of shoes and two pair of underwear.

She usually went barefoot, because she was used to and wanted to keep her shoes as long as possible. I still posses her underskirts. They have been beautifully embroidered and pure, white linen.

Maria survived two World Wars. She raised two children and lost many more. She died two days before my 4th birthday and since that, birthdays have never been really happy for me.

She has been loved a lot by her husband, my grandfather, Emil. He was a great inspiration, most beloved and has always supported me unconditionally!

She was an extraordinary strong woman and she is my angel. She has given the strength to my mother and me. We are as strong as a wooden log and can stand the really hard times.

Let us honor our female ancestors! Without their incredible power and strength, we would not be able to show up and stand for a new divine feminine, which will truly change the world.

We stand on the shoulders of our female ancestors, our sisters.

I am blessed to walk with all of you – these incredibly gifted women!

All of us derive from centuries of female power and I am so grateful to be the one in this lifeline of my family to bring this power to the world!

I believe that the divine feminine is here to save this mother ship earth and I am blessed to walk with you all.

I love ya sistas. Blessings to all light workers out there!

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