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The time between the years

Happy solstice everyone! Today in North America and on 22nd in Europe we celebrate Winter Solstice, the turning point and the return of the sun.

With the 21st of December (the Thomas Day) starts the period of the 12 days of Christmas, also known in the Alpine Region of Switzerland, Austria and Germany as the “Rough Nights” (“Rauhnächte”). The Thomas Night is the first of the 4 major Rough Nights until Epiphany on January 6th. There are many traditions in the Alps to ban the evil spirits from the house and the stable during those nights.

Frau Perchta and her wild hunt is coming from the mountains and roaming the rough nights with her dogs. The old goddess is back. She is keeping the dead and unborn souls. She is the keeper of justice. In the north lands her name is Holle, Holla, Hulda, Frigga or Freya.

Percht is the light one, bringing death. A rebirth is not possible without death. Your old, worn out light body needs to die, before the new one can be given birth. In the old days, Percht was the judge, giving her justice to criminals of all kinds, murderers, rapists, narcissists, drunks and violent men of all kinds. She is the protector of all women and children and after Christianity has taken over the old path, known as Maria.

Mother Percht lights up little lights in every woman. Once a year she comes to see what is good or bad. Her storms are mighty and tear down whatever needs to be renewed.

Frau Percht is a goddess and divine friend for all women who have decided to live a life on their own. She protects house and stable and the fields. Her holy plant is the elder flower.

No one must ever cut an Elder Flower, because her flowers and berries are holy. They contain incredible healing power and protection wherever they grow. Elder Flower helps with fever, strengthens blood, heart and circulation. The Elder Flower contains the most ancient holy principle: sicut superius et inferius – like above so below.

Smudging elder flowers make a connection to the divine feminine and her mythical power and keeps away harm.

If you want to smudge during the rough nights, elder flower, palo santo, olibanum and sage will be fine. Smudging is clearing the air and brining good and holy frequencies to your home.

Frau Percht is coming for you. Let her in and welcome her. She is the light of the divine feminine and she will protect you from harm. Connect with her power. It will be for your very best.

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