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Taking care of yourself is the best protection you will ever have!

Aktualisiert: 27. März 2020

As a highly sensitive person, you are always more receptive for the energies around. You get easily under pressure and stressed out. And even more when people are deliberately putting you in an uncomfortable situation. I was in such a situation just recently – I was already under pressure and stressed and in addition I had been attacked out of the blue in a team discussion at work. So I had no energy left to defend myself in a proper way. And this was again a bold reminder, how important it is for me, to be in my power and do my energy and boundary work.

So usually when I know I will need more energy and would come into a challenging situation, I can prepare myself. If I get into a situation like recently, I suffer a lot and need about two days or so to recover. I feel physically and energetically drained and need to rest, sleep, drink a lot of tea and be very tender with myself.

And I need to release this energy out of my system. I have a very simple ritual for that which I have posted recently on my FB page.

So clearing and cleaning is important, but even better is it for sensitive people to do the boundary work and protect themselves properly.

First thing for you is to acknowledge (although you maybe think you do), that you have NO CONTROL about other people’s feelings. They themselves have also no control about their feelings most of the time as well – this is just human! So how people react on you is their very own story, their filters, their trigger points. I know most people want you to believe that it's all your fault, because it’s much easier to blame the other person for being upset about something, but what upsets me might not be the same what upsets somebody else. So if you cannot control the other, you can only focus on yourself and your energy.

I am working on a new and more energy focused daily routine to support my overall energy level. Here is one of the rituals I use to balance my energy and raise the frequency for a challenging day.

Of course preparation for a good next day starts the day before. I think about my clothes I want to wear, make them clean and ready. I do some comforting things in the evening; have a nourishing dinner and a good night sleep to get up a little earlier then normally.

Grounding and protection ritual

So make sure you have about an extra 20 minutes or so to prepare yourself energetically to have a good day and enough power to stand for yourself. Make sure you are not disturbed and have this time just for you.

1. Sit or stand comfortably, but make sure you stand tall or sit in a upright position.

2. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now breathe naturally and follow the flow of air through your body.

3. Feel your feet standing firmly on the ground and imagine how your feet are like strong roots growing into the ground, giving you a proper and stable stand and connecting you with mother earth.

4. Continue breathing naturally and calm and now imagine, that you are breathing in white and golden light with every new breath.

5. And now imagine the golden light coming out of your head, covering all of your body like a golden egg or like a golden cloak. Cover yourself in this golden light as long as it feels good for you, breathing naturally and close with the mantra “I am firmly grounded and protected.” You can also add “protected by good spirits, golden light, good energies, angels,… “ whatever suits best for you.

6. Now open your eyes and take some deep breaths, rub your face gently and come to the here and now.

I would suggest having a nourishing and healthy breakfast like some oatmeal or porridge with some fresh fruits and tea. This helps you feel even more grounded and will give you earthy energy to start the day. And whenever you want to refresh the feeling of your ritual, repeat the mantra you have created.

And guess what – if you feel different, grounded and protected, things will also develop a very different way. You cannot change the people around you, but you can take care for yourself and doing that is the best protection you can possibly have!

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