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Pain is inevitable - suffering is optional! - Let go what is not meant for you anymore

I have learned by biggest lesson in letting go during my Sati-Sati period about 2,5 years ago. For those of you not familiar with Vedic Astrology Jyotish: Sadi-Sati is the 7,5 year long period of Saturn. The period starts when Saturn enters the zodiac sign immediately before the zodiac sign of Moon at the time of birth of the individual. Most people experience three Sati-Satis in their lifetime and most likely this is a highly transformational time.

For me it was like I lost everything. First I lost my job, then I broke with my family and finally I quit my relationship. Everything was falling apart in my life which seemed to be rock solid so far. I was exposed and alone and did not dare to reach out and reveal what was going on inside of me. And the more I wanted to get back what I had, cling to what I knew, the more it caused me pain. It was gone for now and regardless what I tried, it would not be possible to get it back.

As you know in Buddhism clinging to something – whatever that might be – causes pain. So the more you don’t let go, which is not meant for you anymore, the more painful it will become. And for me it was very painful. Letting go in general is not easy for me. I feel easily attached to things, people, animals, places sometimes. So being forced to let go and lose control was a nightmare for me. It was the worst I had experienced so far – especially because most of it happened within a year. I felt totally ripped apart.

So looking back to that time, my attachment made it hard for me – I made it extra hard for me. Resisting the cycles of nature is never a good idea. We are part of nature and there can’t always be endless growth, can’t always be waxing – there must be waning as well.

Today is the last new moon before Winter Solstice and the light returns. Use the possibility to let go whatever wants to. Don’t keep it back. It will rather mean trouble then help. At some point in your life, you will have to surrender for whatever comes to you. But in the meantime, try to de-clutter your energy field and give back what does not work properly for you. Lighten up your back pack.

The Buddha says: Pain is inevitable – but suffering is optional!

Happy new moon!

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