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How to get stuck (and stay if you need to - expert knowledge)

If you want to get stuck, you should definitely try to be trapped by perfectionism. This is one of the cornerstones of not moving anywhere. Also very helpful for reliably stay where you are is anxiety. Not to forget that you should try to blame yourself for everything what went wrong in your life so far, because clearly you did not try hard enough. And you are not smart enough, did not have the sufficient degrees, courses, trainings to do what you love. You are a failure. You just don’t deserve it!

I am a true expert in getting stuck. I get stuck regularly. So if some of the messages above sound familiar to you, you may be an expert in getting stuck too.

While I was writing this first paragraph, it sounded really somehow convincing to me in a sad way. It sounds like the little nagging voice in my head which often is judging me hard for everything, which is not perfect. Trying to keep me where I am, prevent me from moving forward and initiate passionate changes. Keeping me where I am feels safe. Every change might be a danger.

So feeling stuck means discovering an internal conflict between your ego and your desire, between different inner values. Your ego wants to stay where it’s comfortable, calm and safe. If you start initiating change, the ego has to move out of the comfort zone. This means stretching the mind and it means also stress!

The brain itself needs about 20 % of your overall energy and even more if you are in stressful situations. Then it tries to save energy wherever it can in order to provide your bodily functions. Getting you lazy, less motivated and anxious can also be a result of that energy saving program. A good and healthy nutrition, enough sleep, pausing during the day, conscious breathing and meditation can help you getting more energy.

Actually getting stuck can be a good sign! If you start moving forward and setting steps towards your goals, it is very likely that your shadows get triggered and start showing up.

If the resistance is high, there might be some internal conflict, something you might have overlooked. Anxiety is preventing you from moving on, until you have leaned closer to the emotions beyond. And whatever comes up to the surface is valuable!

Your shadows are not your enemies. They have a meaning and a purpose and just acknowledging them is your first step in getting moving again. If you want to listen, they have a message for you. Maybe a warning, maybe a hint, but usually your shadows want to protect you from getting harmed. Once you have found out the good intention behind, the shadow energy turns out to be a source of creativity, self love and nourishment.

So don’t panic when you are stuck. Use this time for digging deeper and listen to the message of your shadows. They will bring you forward in the right pace and closer to your dharma.

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