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Frau Percht is lighting up the fire

We have started the rough nights and Frau Percht is riding with her dogs and the wild hunt through the valleys. In our homes we celebrate the days of Christmas with all sorts of family and relatives. The traditional time of also speaking the uncomfortable truth.

This is the spirit of Frau Percht. She is lighting the fire in every woman’s heart, giving her the power to speak up for every injustice and lie. Do you know that as well? Often you just don’t say nothing, because you want to avoid a fight. Being silent is sometimes wise and also comfortable, but sometimes it is no option.

Speaking the truth, although it is not popular is in the end inevitable. And it clears the space and gives the chance to start from a new level. This applies for the macro level globally and for the micro level in the family. Especially around the holidays people start speaking up, because I think people can be most annoyed if all of them stay the same, even at those special days.

This is the spirit of Frau Percht. She lights her wild light in your heart and this light starts to move your lips and making you speak words, you would not have expected. It makes you speak! Have you experienced that already? I just did and the truth is also for me not comfortable. But Frau Percht is teasing and she is using you as an instrument of justice.

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